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Welcome to Cooke's Rose and flower website. Originally a family of bulb growers we settled at Le Passage Farm in the 1940's. The farmhouse was built in 1736, and the buildings were in poor condition. There were 25 vergees of cider orchards and fields. (there are two and a 1/4 vergees to the acre) The orchards were taken out and some of the first daffodil fields in the island began to be planted.

Over the years we have grown cauliflowers, Jersey Royal New Potatoes, courgettes, parsley and most outdoor flower crops.

In 1960 the family started growing roses under glass to sell mainly in the island. This has become our main trade.
We deliver daily to florists and hotels. We also sell foliage and other flowers for example oriental lilies, freesia, chrysanths, tulips, delphiniums and many others.

Recently we have been expanding our farm shop and we now sell a range of vegetables, honey, chutneys, marmalades and eggs that are free range and locally produced.
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